Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust

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Vision Values & Aims

The Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust is a family of schools serving both Church and community where diversity is celebrated and respected and dignity are paramount. Our aspirations are high for the children we serve and we use our combined strengths in wisdom and fellowship to support them and each other to be successful.


Our strong sense of community & collaboration ensures happiness, fulfilment and well-being are key so that children know they are loved by God and in turn grow to love learning, to love life and to love others. Our ambition is for all our staff, children and schools to flourish, living life in all its fullness.


The core principles that underpin all our policies and define what DLAT aims to be are as follows:


  • A professional community of collaborative learners working in trust & fellowship for personal growth and wisdom.
  • A family of happy, successful schools where well-being is highly valued and children are inspired to live life to its full.
  • Ambitious for ALL children to achieve their true potential with an inclusive philosophy and a clear commitment to the most disadvantaged communities we serve.
  • Committed to ensuring resources are used efficiently and effectively to provide best value for children’s learning.
  • A champion for the Church of England’s vision for education, supporting local Diocesan vision and aims.