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Leadership Network

We have a huge pool of talent within our schools' senior leadership teams and they contribute to a number of research groups to develop and improve approaches to teaching and learning, keep abreast of the latest research and developments in education and drive forward the Trust's strategic aims.


Our leadership network brings together all of our aspiring leaders, some who might be wanting to consider that next step into headship, or those who want to aspire to more Trust wide leadership roles. This network functions with a number of key aims:


Talent spotting 

We know we have great leaders with huge talent and our philosophy is to create a culture and climate where everyone has the opportunity to shine. We positively encourage leaders to lead projects and initiatives and our close partnership working allows us to spot those rising stars who are ambitious for leadership and keep them within the trust family.

Building capacity for the Trust

We know that school improvement is driven by leaders at all levels. Our networking opportunities, coaching, mentoring and specific training such as undertaking school reviews are all planned to offer our Trust an ever growing bank of experienced leaders. For example, leaders can take advantage of support for performance management reviews through moderation sessions, or engage in peer review work across schools to look at the curriculum. Our investment in leaders therefore gives us much more capacity to offer support and all of our Trust activities are designed to invest in developing that capacity.

Career progression

Leaders in our Trust are encouraged and supported right from the start of their careers to engage in a network of collaboration and fellowship so that working across schools is in their very DNA. Our co-ordinated activities aim to ensure that all teachers can consider an ambitious career path for themselves either into headship or other specialised areas such as roles as Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs). 

Driving forward our strategic aims

Our leadership networks and the leadership group are co-ordinated to drive forward the aims of the Trust. In doing this our strategy is one that is built on co-constructing what we choose as an organisation to align and standardise - basing our decisions on research informed practice. In this respect we create a sense of 'agency' so that leaders work together in developing strategies and templates of best practice. Our leaders at all levels work together, contributing to decisions about which priorities we address first.