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DLAT Easter Newsletter

South Kilworth C of E Primary School celebrates ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating

South Kilworth C of E Primary School has once again been rated ‘GOOD’ by Ofsted following a recent visit by the education watchdog.


During the visit to the village primary school near Lutterworth, inspectors reported that “South Kilworth Church of England Primary School continues to be a good school.”


The one-day inspection explored every aspect of school life, with inspectors speaking to members of staff and the local governing body as well as pupils and their parents. Within their report, inspectors remarked that “pupils are polite, friendly and confident. They enjoy coming to school and behave well throughout the day.”


The report added that: “Pupils feel safe. Staff take good care of them…Parents say that staff go ‘above and beyond’ to help their children. Parents state that the school is friendly and has a strong family ethos.”


Mr Ralph Wood, Headteacher of South Kilworth C of E Primary School, said: “Everyone across South Kilworth C of E Primary School is incredibly proud that we have retained our ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating.


“I was particularly pleased to see the positive comments about our pupils’ behaviour and the strong family ethos here, this is a fantastic reflection of what life is like in our warm and welcoming school that is at the heart of the local community.

“We also thank the inspectors for their recommendations to further build upon our curriculum in order to enhance the offer for our pupils. Supporting our pupils to achieve their personal best, whatever their background or ability, is something that we care passionately about and is a key priority for us.”


Within their report, inspectors noted that: “Pupils play together happily. They enjoy the well-equipped outdoor areas including the woodland trail and climbing wall. They appreciate the responsibility of becoming school councillors. They are proud to attend the school.”


The inspection team also praised the teaching of phonics and early reading at the school, stating: “Phonics and early reading are taught effectively. Staff are well trained and understand how pupils gain phonics knowledge. Children in the Reception class make a flying start with reading. As children start to learn sounds, teachers get them reading quickly.”


They added: “The school offers many opportunities for pupils to become well-rounded individuals. They respect people who have different beliefs or backgrounds to their own…Pupils are being prepared well for life in modern Britain. Staff encourage pupils to broaden their horizons and to have high aspirations.”


Russell Andrews, CEO of the Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust (DLAT), added: “My congratulations go to the whole team at South Kilworth C of E Primary School.


“To all of the staff members, governors, pupils and volunteers across the local community, I would like to thank you for all of your contributions - your ongoing support is very much appreciated.”

Tugby C of E Primary is a 'GOOD' school

Pupils and staff at Tugby C of E Primary School, near Leicester, have been praised by Ofsted after receiving a ‘GOOD’ grading from the education watchdog.


Following a recent visit to the village primary school, in the opening statement of their report inspectors commented that: “Pupils are happy and relationships throughout this school are strong ...Leaders have high expectations of pupils. Pupils, staff and parents work in harmony to enable pupils to achieve well.”


During the inspection, Tugby C of E Primary, which is part of the Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust (DLAT), was rated ‘GOOD’ across the breadth of categories including: the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes of pupils, personal development and leadership and management of the school.

As part of their evaluations, inspectors remarked that: “The school’s ‘character programme’ helps pupils to become well-rounded citizens. Pupils are respectful and friendly towards each other, staff and visitors…. Pupils behave well. They know how to learn and take pride in doing so.”


The report continued: “Pupils achieve well because leaders have developed an effective curriculum…Staff know the pupils well. They understand individuals’ needs, particularly those who need extra support. Teachers make sure that the curriculum is accessible to these pupils.”


Mr Paul Wiggin, Headteacher of Tugby C of E Primary School, said: “I am incredibly proud of the staff and pupils at our wonderful school. Through their hard work and commitment, this is a community where we love to learn. I am delighted that Ofsted have recognised this.  


“One of the most stand out parts of the report for me was the inspector recalling a pupil saying, ‘how easy it is to talk to any of the staff and feel that they are listened to.’ This really is the most rewarding part of my role, knowing that our pupils feel happy and well cared for.”


Within their report, the inspection team go on to praise the approach to reading at Tugby C of E Primary, stating that: “Reading is a priority at this school…Pupils read books that focus on the sounds they are learning. This helps them to become confident and fluent readers…Pupils told us they enjoy reading and borrowing books from the new library. They explained how reading ‘lets your imagination run wild’.


They added that: “Pupils’ personal development is a high priority for the school… Pupils learn about different cultures and religions…[they]take on various leadership roles. They may become librarians, eco-warriors, house leaders and student council representatives.”


Speaking of the support provided by DLAT, inspectors also reported that: “The academy trust provides the school with effective leadership and support. It offers opportunities for staff to share ideas and improve their practice.”


Russell Andrews, CEO of DLAT, said: “Congratulations to the whole team at Tugby C of E Primary School for their recent ‘GOOD’ grading. From the leadership team, governors and teachers to all of the pupils, parents and the wider community, this is a great testament to the improvement journey this school has been on in recent years.


“I have been particularly pleased to see how, through working collaboratively with other schools within our Trust, the school has built a strong learning community where everyone can flourish and succeed.”

Ofsted deem Swinford C of E Primary School “a happy place to be”

Pupils and staff at Swinford C of E Primary School, near Lutterworth, have been celebrating after receiving a ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating.


Following a recent visit to the village primary school, inspectors noted that “Swinford C of E Primary School is a happy place to be. Pupils have excellent relationships with adults… Pupils help and support each other in class and around the school.”


As part of their evaluations, inspectors also remarked that “one parent described the school as a ‘wonderful, secure, warm, family environment, where children are encouraged to respectfully have fun through learning.’”


The report added: “The school’s curriculum is ambitious in its aims to prepare pupils for the future. Leaders have put pupils’ personal development at the heart of the curriculum. All pupils including disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), get the same opportunities to experience and learn new things.”


Mr Edy O’Connor, Headteacher of Swinford C of E Primary School, said: “I am delighted that Ofsted have recognised the many strengths of our wonderful school community, and that we have maintained our ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating.


“In particular, I was pleased to note that inspectors found that our teachers ‘expect pupils to achieve well, they know what each pupil is capable of and challenge them to achieve more.’


“This is at the very heart of our approach, working together as a community, we believe in seeing the potential in every child, inspiring them to be the best they can be and to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.”  


Within their report, the inspection team noted that: “Pupils are resilient and determined when learning. One pupil said ‘We can only learn if we make mistakes and that’s the way we can get better’… In lessons pupils are attentive and want to achieve. Pupils respond to instructions quickly. They show collaboration and teamwork.”


The inspection team also praised the early years provision at Swinford C of E Primary School, stating that: “In the early years children behave well, are happy and enjoy learning new things. Children are independent and confident learners. They take part in the different activities available to them. Adults support and develop their learning well. Relationships between adults and children are positive.”


They added that: “The school’s house points system creates camaraderie and healthy competition. Staff reward pupils for their achievements, perseverance, determination and acts of kindness. Pupils throughout the school enjoy earning house points. They take a huge sense of pride in adding their reward counters to their house tally.”


Russell Andrews, CEO of the Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust (DLAT), added: “Many congratulations to everyone across the Swinford C of E Primary community who plays a part in supporting our wonderful children every day.


“My thanks must go to all of the staff, governors, pupils and members of the wider community for all that they do. There are so many fantastic comments within this report, that recognise what makes this school special.”